March Is a Month Without Mercy





SONY DSCLeather jacket: I BLOOM, Top: Sfera (also love this new one), shorts: Bershka, laptop case carried as clutch Marc by Marc Jacobs, wellies: Gucci – check out the new one here, scarf: Bandolera, sunglasses: Accessorize.

Ok, let’s face it… March is the month that can drive you crazy with the unpredictable weather and the continuous temperature changes.

So when I got up this morning I thought…  I will just go with the flow…

Denim shorts with tights (no tan yet), white blouse (spring reminder), wellies (it was raining all night who knows what  happens next), my leather jacket as a vest … (detachable sleeves with zippers*) and a grey scarf (that will be the winter reminder and ear protector in case of wind) …

Am I prepared or what ?

*and that is what I call investment … – the challenge now is to figure out how to wear the sleeves on their own ( lol )



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