Summer Ready







Tablet Case Jersay: Hapiness 10  & Custodia water wallet  both c/o PU RO Italian Style, usb card reader: Hama, Blue Avana & Cacao: Jo Malone, sunscreen lotion for children Korres, Lancome visionnaire special size, necklace: vintage.

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things” and when it comes to gadgets things can be really complicated. But even so, a flash of a personal touch can boost not only to the device itself  but its functionality too.

Functionality is what took over my brain cells when I saw the water wallet case –admittedly I never knew its existence – it protects the device from water, sand, dust, oil, cream and in my case, from little fingers.. . Hermetically sealed, it allows you to carry money, cigarettes (yes, they still exist),  credit cards and card readers (bloggers only), along with the device in & out of water. 

The style part is between you and PURO so I will leave you two alone here !!!! 



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