Sweater Weather #2








Sweater: Benetton, leather skirt : vintage, shoes: Etro (old), bag: Prada, sunglasses: Versace 19.69 

    Once upon a time there was a girl who had an obsession with vintage goods . So whenever she’d pass store with old or vintage items she just HAD to step in and have a peak.

   One day she was in a hurry and as an added complication had her baby daughter with her when she saw a suede handmade skirt in the window of a store closing down… The skirt was totally different than any other skirt inside the store or elsewhere. But the clock was ticking and this old and dusty shop wasn’t  the place to have a baby girl wandering around.

  So the girl (the big one) turned her gaze away trying to forget about the skirt but one minute later she returned and pushed herself inside the store …The gentleman behind the counter was kind enough to hold on to the beloved item for a day …for her …

   The rest as you can imagine is history

   And this weather is the best possible to wear your leather skirt …tights free !





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