Treasure Island

Treasure Island

 With  weather that’s  driving me crazy, a camera misbehaving, and a hyper 3 ½ yr old daughter, my body and soul is not at their very  best these days.

Moreover, the chaos in all wardrobes in the house reminds me of the unpleasant task awaiting me for the following two weeks, and I am telling you it won’t be easy.

So before I start this season’s “ hanger games “ I‘ll let you know what I am craving to have in my closet right now… along with a wizard to wave his wand magically and put all clothes into the right order

Have a nice day

  1. Metalic snake-effect leather tote: Micheal Kors 
  2. Branch high-rise slouchy skinny jeans: Each X Other
  3. Colarless silk blouse: Equipment
  4. Strappy criss cross sandals: American Eangle Outfitters
  5. Jungle pendant: Kate Spade
  6. Hut: Master& Muse x Paschacuti
  7. Sunnies: Karen Walker

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